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What Every Body Wants

Dramatic and Soothing Relief

SolaJet DryWave Massage Bed

The benefits of a one hour deep tissue massage in just 15 minutes

Introducing the SolaJet DryWave Massage Bed - an innovative touch less massage solution that allows you to Immerse yourself in a calming hydrotherapy session while remaining comfortably clothed and dry. SolaJet is a unique and rejuvenating way to unwind and de-stress without physical contact.



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SolaJet not only loosens muscles but provides effective circulation through it’s deep tissue penetration, vibration, heat and sequential compression


Tailor pressure, speed, location, and zones effortlessly for a personalized relaxation experience

Experience four
full body
Endo-Kinetic therapies in one session


Endo-Kinetic™ therapies that work wonders for your body during a SolaJet session.


  • Deep compression helps soothe your muscles and reduce tension.

  • Sequential force promotes greater circulation and lymphatic function.

  • Vibration helps you relax even further and can even boost your metabolic rate.

  • Thermal energy stimulates your body's natural healing mechanisms.

Muscle tension, knots, or trigger points can occur when our muscle tissues bind together from connective tissue build up. This can prevent blood flow and movement to the area and can be caused by several factors.

SolaJet Helps NORMALIZE muscles

Your body’s natural reaction to injury or overuse could be one reason for development of trigger points. Injury or micro trauma to a body part while exercising causes the muscle to send a message to the area to “freeze” in order to prevent further damage.  This can cause pain, swelling, and general restriction of movement. Another reason these tension points can occur is due to lack of movement. The relationship between muscles and movement is significant, in fact lack of movement can gradually cause our muscles to dwindle in strength and vitality and can build up a layer of “facia” or connective tissue made of collagen that can restrict movement and overall muscle performance. "If movement or intervention is not performed in time, the collagen will harden and become sticky. Imagine two layers of fascia as a sliding drawer. Alone, the drawer and frame glide over one another freely as would layers of healthy connective tissue. Now imagine coating the parts with a layer of honey. This demonstrates the loss of glide that happens when collagen builds up between layers of connective tissue." Over time, stress or injury, we can build up more facia however is we develop more and more over time and this can restrict our movement and muscle function. SolaJet is designed to create a trigger event to help loosen and free up muscle fibers to allow stretch and range of movement allowing the body or adjunctive therapies to work more efficiently. Therefore, SolaJet treatments can become a beneficial part of your regular self-care and maintenance to not only loosen muscles but to provide effective circulation through it’s deep tissue penetration, vibration, heat and sequential compression.

  • Deep tissue penetration without any discomfort or irritation  

  • Make SolaJet treatments a beneficial part of your regular self-care and maintenance routine


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