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Acute/Long Haul Covid Recovery Sessions

We have specific non-invasive strategies for treating symptoms from Covid and Long Covid since the beginning when the SarsCov2 virus first shut down the US. Utilizing strategies using The Body Intuitive System we have helped aid many individuals in their recovery.

About Covid Recovery Sessions


Strategies were developed to alleviate symptoms affecting your health from the virus. 

  • Recovery sessions use a blend of Eastern and Western Medicine perspectives to support, nourish and naturally rebalance the body functions and immune system. 

  • Sessions are shorter and more frequent than our Holistic HealthCare Sessions. Shorter focused sessions will not overwhelm a taxed system and allows the body/mind to easily digest and process the session.

  • 2 sessions per week for 3-6 weeks are strongly recommended for optimal results.

  • Sessions are non-invasive and effective.​

  • Sessions are done via MP3 recording with a pre-zoom or Phone check in.
  • A series of 5 Precision Sessions is recommended to start
  • In-clinic appointments are NOT available for Covid Recovery Sessions

Customized Treatments address your Acute/Long Hauler Covid Symptoms

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