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Fascia Balancing

Reduce Pain, Release Tension & Increase Mobility

Healthy Fascia is critical for mobility, addressing pain and for proper circulation of energy and fluids in the body. When there are Fascial Lesions resulting from stress, injury, surgery, emotional trauma or even from something as simple as just twisting an ankle or stubbing a toe it can reduce mobility, cause pain and discomfort anywhere in the body and slow down the healing process. 

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The Fascial System connects all cells via a continuous network of tissue. Injury to Fascia in one area of the body can limit movement within all structures of the body.  Freedom of Movement is one of the keys to Healthy function.​

Fascial Lesions occur when the body has experienced any injury or trauma. An injury or trauma can be in the form of something Physical, Genetic, Emotional, a Virus or Bacterial Infection, Toxin exposure, Allergies and even Hormonal & Metabolic disorders.

Potential Causes of Fascial Disfunction


  • Congenital Causes: Genetic Disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome, Cleft Palate, Club Foot, Damage to the developing fetus,  Cerebral Palsy and exposure to Toxins during Pregnancy effecting development, Primary Lymphedema

  • Acquired Causes:  ​Physical Trauma Acute/Chronic (Muscle spasm, Fascial Scar Tissue, Going Hypo-mobility, Swelling) , Poor posture, Poor Body Mechanics, Surgery, Secondary Lymphedema

  • Non-Mechanical Causes: Infectious disease (Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasites), Inflammatory process, Metabolic/Hormonal (Diabetes/Thyroid/Adrenals) Allergies/Intolerances ( Ingested, injected, inhaled, skin contact), Toxins (Inhalants, injected, skin contact, radiation) Rheumatologic/Autoimmune, Tumor (Primary, Secondary, Metastasis), Vascular (Aneurism), Viscera (Organ dysfunction)

  • ​Energetic Causes:  Internal - Psychogntic (Mental stress, emotions, thoughts) Energy Flow (Meridians, Chakras) External - Environment, Climate, Electromagnetic (computer, cell phone, microwave, fluorescence)​                                   

​Source: Dr Kerry D'Ambrosio DOM, AP, PT, DO-MTP

Techniques to correct Fascial Disfunction are not manual  but energetic & harmless yet incredibly effective

What to Expect 


  • Before your Appointment:

    • If you have not worked with us before will be asked to complete a Health Intake Form prior to your appointment

  • Day of your Appointment:

    • Wear comfortable clothing (no skirts/dresses please) to your appointment.  

    • Your practitioner will review your form asking questions about what everyday tasks are challenging due to pain, motion restriction, etc.  

    • Biofeedback (muscle testing) is used during the session to determine what your intelligent body wants worked on and it may seem completely unrelated to the area(s) in which you experience discomfort.  

    • Facia is one continuous structure and an injury to even a toe can cause significant tension and discomfort elsewhere in the body.  

  • During Your Session:

    • Relaxing on a massage table fully clothed, you will experience Orthopedic Type evaluations such as Range of Motion, Asymmetry & Tension tests.  

    • Your practitioner will use biofeedback to determine areas in need of treatment (Bones,  Scars, Joints, Specific Muscles).

    • You may need to change position from lying down, to sitting or standing.  

    • Once an EFR is completed, techniques from The BodyTalk HealthCare System such as gentle tapping will be implemented to lock in the changes.  

  • Post Session:

    • At the end you will be re-evaluated with Orthopedic Evaluations to measure changes and informed on what to expect post treatment.  

    • Length of sessions range from 30-45 minutes.  

    • One session per week for 4 consecutive weeks is highly recommended.​


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