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True healing and lasting improvements occur when you are treated as a whole person 


We offer an authentically holistic & harm free approach to healthcare that is safe for any age and can benefit any physical or emotional challenge 


If you have tried everything... 
​If counseling has crossed your mind but talk therapy isn't for you

If you want to take preventative measures in your HealthCare

If you are an Athlete wanting natural performance improvement and recovery

If conventional methods & healthcare haven't worked for you

If you want to address the real cause behind your dis-ease for long lasting improvements...

" I haven't needed to take my Lorazepam once since getting BodyTalk from you " 

Woman receiving a BodyTalk Session and tapping over the heart brain.png

Authentically Holistic

Our Non-Invasive East/West approach has helped hundreds of people experience significant benefit when conventional approaches simply did not deliver improvements or provide lasting results.

By treating Body, Mind and Emotions simultaneously, we provide an authentic Holistic experience and a solution to the deficits that exist in today's HealthCare model. 

A New Approach to Healthcare

At Bali Holistic Wellness Center, we understand that health challenges often arise for a variety of reasons. It's important to treat the whole person not just the symptom. By looking at health from different perspectives, both modern and ancient, we help decrease stress, improve functioning and help you achieve lasting improvements.

When the story behind the symptom is addressed, amazing things can happen quote

"I have without a doubt received greater benefit from a few sessions vs YEARS worth of counseling and "traditional" treatments"

We Can Help with the following challenges.png
 Acute and Chronic Pain • Stress and Anxiety • Pain syndromes • Digestive disorders • Muscle tension  Personal Growth • Fears & Phobias • Mood and Emotional disorders • Hormonal Imbalances • Viruses & Parasites • Pre and Post Surgery support to optimize healing • Chronic Fatigue • Learning disorders • Endocrine Disorders • Infections  Allergies • Headaches • Arthritis  •Sports Injuries • Acute & Long Covid • Athletic Performance & Recovery • Prevention

" Five Chiropractic sessions cannot touch what Elizabeth did with one BodyTalk

session. I highly recommend her. "

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We offer a variety of safe and natural services and effective cutting edge therapeutic products


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